Mothers Day Quotes Messages Wishes Greetings Sayings

Happy Mothers Day Quotes Messages Wishes Greetings Sayings. Mothers Day Quotes, Mothers Day Messages, Mothers Day Wishes, Mothers Day Greetings, Mothers Day Sayings. 8th May 2016 celebrated as Mothers Day. Different countries celebrate mother’s day on different dates. But in united states (US) mother’s day is celebrated on 8th may i.e second Sunday of may. The […]

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Latest Dangers Lurking Around Your Smartphone


Since smart phones have become such powerful tools as well as such a big part of our lives, criminals have been getting smarter, too. Realizing the importance of the contents of our smart phones, a few computer savvy criminals have created malware and viruses designed to extort money from desperate smart phone owners. One type […]

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Steps To Convert FLV Videos Into AVI


When it comes to all of the information and documents that your business has, it is important that you have reputable security programs that can help store everything securely. After all, a system breach or any other issue can put all of your customers information at risk, which could be disastrous for your company. Here […]

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Need For Email Marketing In India


Over the past few years Email Marketing in India has undergone a tremendous boom. Starting from any small scale industry to large scale industry especially e-commerce and online business is totally dependent on email marketing. Email marketing has become a part and parcel of the marketing industry, similar to industrial revolution now we can say […]

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Android Spyware: An Underrated Risk

Whether you are a current or potential Android user, you would surely have heard horror stories concerning the security of Google’s ridiculously popular operating system. Is there any reality in these stories, or are they fabricated or are simply a result of misconceptions? Rather than getting into a debate, let’s take a more logical approach […]

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